New travel blog for THE KENAI, Alaska’s Playground

Welcome to the all-new travel blog for the Kenai Peninsula created and maintained by the Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council.

Here we (KPTMC) will be sharing articles of local interest and the unique attractions found on the Kenai Peninsula. As we are new to the blogosphere, please bear with us as we get acclamated to this new environment. Any tips, comments, suggestions, contributions, etc. are most appreciated. So far we’ve gotten a few pointers and offers of assistance from our friends, the Robertias, at Rogues Gallery Kennels who are avid mushers located in Kasilof, Alaska and our friends at the Diamond M Ranch Resort who operate the blog, The Kenai Alaska Vacation Blog, and are located in Kenai, Alaska.

My favorite tip received so far was from my friend, Daryl, who told me, “…above all, on each post, make sure you have Sarah Palin’s name somewhere – you will thank the Google search hits you get.”

Sarah Palin.

Thanks for looking us up and please stay tuned,
James @ KPTMC


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