Bear AWARE: what you do really matters!

It takes a community! Handling attractants responsibly around your home and business helps reduce conflicts with bears and other wildlife. By acting responsibly, you can help set an example for others about how to live safely with wildlife on the Kenai Peninsula.

Garbage: Use bear-resistant trash containers, keep your garbage inside until trash pick-up, or dispose of waste immediately at a transfer station. Remember, if a bear gets into your trash you can be fined!

Fish Carcasses and Gear: If you clean your fish at home, keep all fish waste in a freezer out of reach of bears until garbage pick-up. Or take your fish waste immediately to a landfill. Store fishy nets, tackle and line indoors, in a garage or shed or otherwise out of reach of bears.

Freezers: Keep freezers locked in a secure building or otherwise out of reach of bears.

Bird Seed: Don’t feed birds during active bear season (April 1 to Nov. 1). Clean up spilled bird seed.

Livestock and Pets: Install electric fences to keep bears out of animal pens, corrals, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, beehives and orchards. Store pet and livestock food out of reach of bears.

Anglers: (1) Keep food, garbage, backpacks, coolers and anything with an odor within 3 feet at all times. Retained fish should be kept closely attended. (2) Stay alert. Make noise to prevent surprising a bear. (3) Always be willing to give up your fishing spot to a bear. (4) If you have a fish on the line and a bear approaches, give the fish slack or cut your line. (5) As a last resort, throw retained fish into moving currents. Don’t let your catch end up in a bear’s mouth!

The communities of Kenai, Soldotna, Seward, Homer, Cooper Landing, Moose Pass and Hope are now part of ADF&G’s Wildlife Conservation Community Program promoting responsible living around wildlife. Thank you for your community leadership!

Want more information? Go to or call ADF&G in Soldotna (262-9368) or Homer (235-8191).

Break-up is hard to do: a musher’s perspective

Written by Joseph Robertia, Rogues Gallery Kennel

Huskies on beach ice - Coho beach in Kasilof

The snow is melting, the sleds have been put away for another season and the days are getting longer here as break-up is in full swing. We have still been treated to a few spectacular northern lights shows in the evening, as evident from this picture above. We haven’t written in a while because we have been busy with so much. Yeah, I know, we always say that, but its true. We won’t bore you with all the boring details, but with more work than fun happening lately, we just haven’t had much to blog about.

We have done a few tours over the last few weeks, which is a great way of sharing the dogs with people. We have also started to get back into taking the dogs for exploration hikes, since they no longer can pull a sled and it’ll still be months until they can swim. The picture above is from the beach where we usually post pics during fall training. You can see with all the ice boulders, it looks quite a bit different at this time of year, but the dogs love jumping off the boulders, running between them, and even climbing up them. Penny’s face in the above shot is so funny.

Well, all for this week. Thanks to Martha, Susan and our other kennel friends who have sent goodies recently. They are ALWAYS appreciated.

Joseph and his wife, Colleen, operate Rogues Gallery Kennel in Kasilof, Alaska. Colleen is a musher who, aside from competing to win, strives for humanitarian and ethics awards in all of her races. In the years past she has competed in most dog sled races statewide, including the coveted Iditarod.

Your Passport to Adventure on The Kenai has arrived

2011 Passport to Adventure on The Kenai

The Kenai Peninsula Tourism Marketing Council is pleased to announce that the 2011 Passports are in and distribution has begun! All pre-orders from our website,, have been mailed out today and they are currently being handed out at the Great Alaska Sportsman Show this weekend in Anchorage, Alaska. The Passport is a combination activity and coupon book available to all who travel or live on the Kenai Peninsula.

The front section contains a fun, stamp-collecting scavenger hunt. To participate, collect at least 10 stamps of the 13 communities highlighted in the book to be eligible to enter to win a 2012 Kenai Peninsula vacation package. The vacation package includes one night lodging in Seward with passes to the SeaLife Center and a Kenai Fjords cruise, two nights in Cooper Landing with a raft trip and a half-day fishing trip, two nights lodging in Soldotna and one night in Homer plus round trip fare on a ferry to Seldovia. Drawing for the grand prize vacation package will be held in January of 2012.

The back section of the Passport contains 48 coupons from KPTMC members for various discounts and special offers throughout The Kenai. Passports may be ordered for free from our website, They can serve as a tool to help you get to every corner of the region and reward you along the way with the several coupons and special offers inside. Order yours in advance to take advantage of the lodging deals and to get an idea of add-on type activities that may interest you.