The Great Alaskan King Salmon

Hooking and landing a big salmon is the dream of most of the fisherman who come to the Kenai Peninsula. From early May to the first of August fisherman from all over the world test their skill and luck chasing the allusive King. The world record King Salmon, caught by Les Anderson in 1985 in the Kenai River was, 97.25 lbs.  In fact, of the top 10 king salmon record holders, 9 of these fish were taken in The Kenai.

When the Kings begin their return to their spawning streams they will generally follow the Peninsula coastline until they get to their waterway and head up the stream or river of their hatch until they reach their original spawning beds. It is during this annual migration that the sport fishing for the King salmon in both the saltwater (from Anchor Point to mouth of the Kenai River) and freshwater (Anchor River, Deep Creek, Ninilchick River, Kasilof River, Crooked Creek and the Kenai River) is excellent.

How to catch an Alaska king salmon:  For the fisherman on an Alaska fishing vacation, the best way to catch the Alaska King salmon is to obtain the services of a professional Alaska fishing guide. State of Alaska Department of Fish and Game statistics show in recent years that the unguided angler will spend nearly 40 hours fishing before he will even hook an Alaska King salmon. Guided Alaska fishing vacationers will often only spend a few hours before they land a big one.


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