Alaska Fishing Adventure and Travel Stories

Read through 26 stories from people who found an Alaska fishing adventure or the amazing wildlife on the Kenai Peninsula. Be inspired by the exciting stories and pictures that people like you brought home from their Alaska adventure vacation.

Best Fishing Trip of my life! by Doug Benzenburg

I spent 4 day’s fishing with a new location each day and landed over 250 fish (Rainbows, Dolly Varden, Steelhead, Silvers, and of course Pinks) including the biggest Rainbow I’ve ever caught. 33.5 inches and a girth of 19.5 inches, estimated weight of about 18 – 20 pounds….WOW! Great Alaska’s hospitality was absolutely the best. Our guide was a rock star when it came to knowledge of the rivers and sounding area. Can’t wait for my return visit early September ’09. Thanks for making this trip one to remember and for the record books!

Great Alaska Cont. Education trip by John E. Murphy

We had another wonderful trip this year and I was able to be there for a total of three weeks. Now I just have to figure out how to get my wife to let me come for a month straight. The flight back to Anchorage on the float plane was a definite special addition. We made a little movie of the event if anyone would like to view it on YouTube.

My solo trip to Alaska… by Audrey Hertzel

My solo trip to Alaska was everything and so much more than I thought it would ever be! From the moment I arrived at the lodge, I knew I was in for the week of my life. Awesome Fishing, Crashing Glaciers and Grizzly Bears (Oh My!) just to name a few! The friendly staff and guides, five star dinners and the overall Alaskan experience exceeded my every expectation. What a phenomenal trip!

Amazing Bear Camp! by Terry Tollefsbol

We just returned from a three day trip to Bear Camp. It was absolutely wonderful. The staff at the camp site were very friendly and took great care of us. Excellent meals and wine in the evening. Our guides did everything they could to get us to the best loctaions for photos. We were fortunate to have the viewing platform for when the bears were up in the stream behind the camp and Dylon and Dennis escorted us to the beach area when the bears had moved toward the bay. We never felt threatened even when the bears came within just a few feet of us. Dennis had the S & W 500 and Dillion had the shotgun, but according to both of them, they have never had to use them. Overall it was a great adventure including the beach landings in the Cessna 207! Truly the trip of a lifetime.

Our families best vacation YET! by Rich Signorello

After spending a good part of my life as a Salmon, Trout and Steelhead fisherman, fishing the pacific northwest streams, rivers and and ocean I can honestely say that I have experienced the pinnicle of my fishing career. I don’t know of anywhere where a person can catch 4 species of salmon in one day on this great planet. I spent my younger days as a deckhand on some of the party boats out of the San Francisco bay area and even guided the northern California and southwest Oregon area for Salmon and Steelhead trout. My experience this past week at the Great Alaske Adventure Lodge was by far the most complete and pampered fishing and outdoor adventures I and my family have ever experienced. The lodge and its wonderful staff met our every need from the time we planned and arrived to the sad day the float plane came to pick us up at the lodge beach. It truly was a bittersweet moment to leave with the staff waving good-bye as the float plane taxied and took off down river to take us back to Anchorage. I want to thank the lodge owners and their absolutely wonderful staff for making our vacation the best ever. Your guides were the best, with their knoweledge and professional attitudes. The bear camp experience was way more than I had ever expected or dreamed it could be, I feel that I now have a much better understanding of the famous Alaskan brown bear and its life cycle. The food and attention paid to every guest was incredible…the best bar-none. I can’t Thank You enough. Rich Signorello

The perfect combination! by Dan and Pat Turnbaugh

My wife and I spent 7 days on a “Combination Trip” that was the best vacation ever. We started with bear watching on the first day with a sighting of 19 bears at one time! My wife caught a fish that was so big, I had to hold on to her so she wouldn’t fall in! On the glacier cruise we saw orca whales, sea lions, moose, puffins and even an otter enjoying himself. The staff and guides were incredible and the food was out of this world! Can’t wait to come back!

This information was taken from Great Alaska International Adventure Vacations

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Guides to The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground

Share the gift of adventure from the comfort of your home when you cant enjoy all that Alaska’s Playground has to offer.


50 Hikes In Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula
Taz Tally, Ph.D.     $16.95 plus shipping and handling

Walks, hikes and backpacks through the wild landscapes of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Hand-picked hikes with varying degrees of difficulty from family-friendly and/or handicap accessible to difficult, multiday adventures that highlight the best The Kenai has to offer.

Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing Trail Guide

Watchable Wildlife Program    $8.95 plus shipping and handling

A collection of 65 sites that encompass The Kenai’s major wildlife habitats ranging from roadside platforms to backcountry trails. Choose the sites that best match your interests and season during which you’re travelling. Purchase a printed copy of the guide or view all content for free online.

Snapshots at Statehood
Kenai Peninsula Historical Association    $15.95 plus shipping and handling

A focus on the communities that became the Kenai Peninsula Borough. This book touches on the lives and history of the individuals who have been a part in making Alaska what it was and has become since statehood. The compiled stories and community profiles are a “who is and who was” on the Kenai Peninsula.


Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula
DVD- Running time: 120 mins.    $14.95 plus shipping and handling

This thrilling video adventure will give you a sampling of the sights and sounds of your next vacation destination. As a bonus, the video also includes a feature on Alaska’s Gulf Coast as well as a short feature on the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward.

Alaska’s Kenai Fjords
DVD- Running Time: 60 mins.    $14.95 plus shipping and handling

The extraordinary sights and sounds of the magnificent Kenai Fjords are beautifully captured on this DVD. Watch as tidewater glaciers calve icebergs into the sea. Visit noisy stellar sea lion and bird rookeries off the rugged coast. Cruise the pristine waters and soar above this coastal wilderness.

Learn more by visiting The Kenai

10 Reasons you will love Kayaking!

 Few activities give the outdoor enthusiast such a varied array of  experiences as kayaking. Whether  you are seeking the heart-stopping  exhilaration of a  roller coaster or the serenity and peace of getting lost  in the moment, you can find your passion in a kayak.

There are different types of kayaking. Whitewater  kayaking involves navigating swift moving  rivers. Flatwater  kayaking takes place in large  bodies of calm water and can include  anything from a  lazy day on a lake to a long day kayaking on the  ocean. Fishing Kayaks have become extremely  popular over the last  few years as well. These boats  are designed specifically for the angler.

People from all walks of life are becoming addicted to  the sport of  kayaking. The people who conside themselves kayakers are as  diverse as the boats they paddle and the environments they paddle in.  Some are die-hard whitewater kayakers and others thrive on a  leisurely paddle on a secluded lake. And still others do it simply for the  company the sport affords them to keep.

Whatever the circumstances that drives these people to decide to kayak, one thing keeps them coming back. It is the indescribable feeling that one gets by stepping into their kayak, pushing away from land, dipping their kayak paddle into the water, and taking that first stroke! As they leave their cares, problems, and stresses on the banks and shores of their lives, they are floating and they are free.

Kayaking is for anybody looking for an opportunity to get out and enjoy the outdoors. In addition to being a fun, easy, and enjoyable, kayaking is also a great low-impact workout.

1. Kayak Because it’s Fun!

When it comes down to the essential reason why people kayak it all comes back to this one reason. Paddling a kayak is fun! Do we really need any other reason to go kayaking?

2. Kayak to be Close to Nature

Kayaking definitely affords you the ability to be closer to nature than a lot of other activities do. In many cases you will be able to travel to and see sights only accessible to a very small percentage of the population.

3. Kayak to be with Friends

The bond that fellow kayakers share is one that enhances friendships and builds camaraderie. Whether you and your friends share a competitive streak or just like to hang out, kayaking is for you.

4. Kayak for Exercise

Kayaking is indeed great exercise. There are few activities that offer this degree of aerobic exercise mixed with the upper body conditioning. Kayaks will offer you this benefit regardless of the type you choose to paddle.

5. Kayak for Adventure

Whether a person is kayaking off of a 20 foot waterfall, exploring island crevices, or sneaking up on wildlife on the banks of a secluded lake, there is the potential for unlimited adventure in all kayaking circumstances.

6. Kayak for Relaxation

There are few things more relaxing than sitting in a kayak and watching the sunset over a lake. Kayaking can offer stress relief like no other. You know what they say. “Even a bad day of kayaking is better than a good day at work”.

7. Kayak as a Part of Another Activity

Kayaking facilitates and enhances many other activities. There is no quieter way to access those hard to reach fishing holes than by drifting up in a kayak. And kayaks add a whole new dimension to a weekend camping trip.

8. Kayak to Stay Cool in the Summer

On those hot summer days when it seems like there is no relief from the scorching rays of the sun and everything inside of you says to stay in the air conditioning, you have somewhere to turn. GO KAYAKING!

9. Kayaking is a Sport for All Ages

Whether a person is just a few years old or upwards of 60, they can enjoy kayaking. Kayaking reaches across these generational lines and simply does not discriminate.

10. Kayak for love

There is no better activity in the world for couples than kayaking together. Its an amazing romantic way to get away together. Kayaking is a great way to spend time with that special person in your life!

Information taken from Outdoorplay. For more information on Kayaking visit

Experience Lodging on The Kenai


The warm glow of a fire. The aroma of native Alaskan Spruce. A view of the nature just outside your window… You have not fully experienced Alaska until you have visited The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground! Home to the Russian River, Chugach Mountains and the Chugach National Forest Park.


From the moment you arrive, you know you’re somewhere special. Vaulted ceilings, cozy sitting areas with wood-burning stoves create an atmosphere so compelling, you may never want to leave.  The windows rise from floor to ceiling allowing for the awesome stature of the surroundings to be enjoyed from the comfort of your deep leather chair. An expansive deck overlooks the wild — the ideal spot to relax, visit with friends and savor the exquisite landscape.

Cabins and lodges on the Kenai Peninsula are ideal for different kinds of trips: Honeymoons, anniversary getaways, family vacations, or group vacations. Among lofting spruce and slate-crested mountains, you will discover the history, nature, and atmosphere of Alaska’s vibrant land. Most lodges offer something for everyone, whether it’s upbeat outdoor activities or a relaxing day in the last frontier.


Alaskan Lodges are often nestled in a cozy waterfront, old wooded forest or crystal-capped mountain. Undisturbed wildlife and miles upon miles of silent, stunning beauty, is the resplendent experience you’ll find while visiting The Kenai.

Though it can be hard to leave the unique romance of your wilderness lodge, the great outdoors offer its very own scenic appeal. The Kenai is not only famous for its trophy-sized fish but also for it’s river rafting, nature hikes, and wildlife viewing cruises through Resurrection Bay, Kenai Fjords National Park and so much more!

Planning your Alaskan vacation!

The Kenai is full of exciting activities that will make an impression you will never forget! Start planning your vacation with THESE great interactive resources.

Seward Alaska Starts Here

Known as the “Gateway to Kenai Fjords National Park,” Seward is a picturesque town with a bustling harbor and historic downtown district filled with unique shops, art galleries, and delicious seafood restaurants.

Cooper Landing Gem of The Kenai

Located in the middle of the Kenai Peninsula, nestled in the majestic Kenai Mountains along the beautiful turquoise waters of Kenai Lake and the upper Kenai River. These waters are uniquely tinted blue-green by suspended ultra-fine glacial silt.

Seldovia Beyond the Road

Look for adventure in Seldovia! Seldovia remains one of the last unspoiled areas in the world where there are no traffic signs, no road rage, no big box stores, and a quiet, laid-back atmosphere that is conducive to a relaxed vacation. Seldovia has a broad variety of activities for you to discover the true Alaskan wilderness, and it has all the conveniences of home!

Kenai Where the Kenai River Ends and Adventure Begins

The city of Kenai is located in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula and boasts wonderful views of the Kenai River, Cook Inlet, miles of sandy beaches, two mountain ranges and four active volcanoes. Discover the rich experience What awaits you: breathtaking wilderness, majestic wildlife, outdoor adventure, cultural heritage and most of all, some of the friendliest people in the world.


A photographic haven lodged in history and in legend, Ninilchik is a fishing community that lives up to its Russian name, “peaceful settlement by a river.” The flavor of this old Russian fur-trading village still emphasizes its past prominence.

Discover new adventure! Discover Alaska!

Adrenaline Rush

Fill your Kenai Peninsula vacation with activities bursting with adventure and excitement!


Alaska Residents

Packages and special offers from our members available only to Alaskan residents. Welcome to the Kenai!

Chillin’ Out

Embrace the abundance of activities offered both in and outdoors during the winter months on the Kenai..


Cultural Immersion

Explore the unique culture of the Kenai with activities focused around prehistoric events, ancient heritages, lifestyles, modern influences and future prospects.

Eco Tourism

Minimal impact meets maximum satisfaction with earth-friendly activities.


Family Outing

Instantly bridge any generation gap with activities that are sure to please each and every member of the family.

Fishing Frenzy

FISH, FISH AND MORE FISH! Whether you’re a novice or a fanatic, look no further for the best sport fishing in the world!


Girl Time

Expand your Girls’ Night Out to a Girls’ Week Out with activities specifically designed for ladies.

Romantic Getaway

Browse packages that will stoke or rekindle the flame that first brought you and your loved one together.


Scenic Experience

Mountains, glaciers and wildlife; OH MY! The Kenai offers endless opportunities to enjoy the majesty of Alaska – start your once in a lifetime adventure right here! A small piece of advice: Look but Don’t Touch! Activities meant to get you as close as safely possible to the wondrous and abundant wildlife of the Kenai and beyond.