Guides to The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground

Share the gift of adventure from the comfort of your home when you cant enjoy all that Alaska’s Playground has to offer.


50 Hikes In Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula
Taz Tally, Ph.D.     $16.95 plus shipping and handling

Walks, hikes and backpacks through the wild landscapes of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Hand-picked hikes with varying degrees of difficulty from family-friendly and/or handicap accessible to difficult, multiday adventures that highlight the best The Kenai has to offer.

Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula Wildlife Viewing Trail Guide

Watchable Wildlife Program    $8.95 plus shipping and handling

A collection of 65 sites that encompass The Kenai’s major wildlife habitats ranging from roadside platforms to backcountry trails. Choose the sites that best match your interests and season during which you’re travelling. Purchase a printed copy of the guide or view all content for free online.

Snapshots at Statehood
Kenai Peninsula Historical Association    $15.95 plus shipping and handling

A focus on the communities that became the Kenai Peninsula Borough. This book touches on the lives and history of the individuals who have been a part in making Alaska what it was and has become since statehood. The compiled stories and community profiles are a “who is and who was” on the Kenai Peninsula.


Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula
DVD- Running time: 120 mins.    $14.95 plus shipping and handling

This thrilling video adventure will give you a sampling of the sights and sounds of your next vacation destination. As a bonus, the video also includes a feature on Alaska’s Gulf Coast as well as a short feature on the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward.

Alaska’s Kenai Fjords
DVD- Running Time: 60 mins.    $14.95 plus shipping and handling

The extraordinary sights and sounds of the magnificent Kenai Fjords are beautifully captured on this DVD. Watch as tidewater glaciers calve icebergs into the sea. Visit noisy stellar sea lion and bird rookeries off the rugged coast. Cruise the pristine waters and soar above this coastal wilderness.

Learn more by visiting The Kenai


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