Cruising past Alaska

Cruising past Alaska

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Day #9,191 started and ended at sea.  Cruising along the Gulf of Alaska, to be exact.

Not generally being Cruise Ship Folk (chillaxing for too long gives me the willies), Mr. M & I were not entirely sure what to do with our “Day at Sea,” as it were.  We soon learned that Days at Sea consist primarily of eating.  Lots of eating.  Like, Olympic-level eating.  With a light dusting of Broadway Spectacular in the evenings.

Luckily for my fast-expanding waistline, there was an activity planned for the afternoon that did not involve stuffing food down my gullet: viewing the Hubbard Glacier along the eastern coast of Alaska.

We’d received notice that the Glacier would be sliding past our ship windows somewhere around 2pm.  [That’s another thing about cruise travel… it’s eerily easy.  It weirds me out in much the same way the Manhattanite idea of having one’s groceries delivered…

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Down the Seward Highway – Resurrection Bay by Kayak

Down the Seward Highway – Resurrection Bay by Kayak


In order to explore Kenaii Fjords National Park you need to take to the water. Last time I was in Seward I took a tour boat around the glaciers and this time I wanted to try a different experience- Sea Kayaks!

Neither of us had been in a real, legit sea kayak in quite some time and were pretty happy to be reintroduced to just how comfy they are compared to the Southern California sit on top messes you end up renting in La Jolla.

We got up early to meet our guide at Kayak Adventures Worldwide for a Kayaker’s cove trip in Resurrection Bay.

It turns out that we had the trip to ourselves, just Zack and I and a very nice guide. They run a pretty neat operation out of Seward and no one laughed when we showed up in full foul weather gear. We…

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Alaska – How cute is this?

Alaska – How cute is this?.

Before we went to see the bears, we spent some time on the bay near Homer Alaska in our friend Jay’s boat.  We had the opportunity to spend some quality time with these delightful creatures – the sea otter.  I’m not sure there is a better definition of cute than a picture of an otter (okay, maybe a koala bear works also).  We saw many in singles or small groups but we never did see a “raft” (that really is the plural for otters) of otters that Jay told us were plentiful in the area.  Here’s your quota for cute for today!

“Hey, look at me – handsome, huh?”