Lake Creek – a great Alaska wilderness float fishing trip

Great Alaskan wilderness float fishing trips

Where else can you float a river with miles of fun whitewater, great fishing holes, a string of old trappers cabins & numerous eagle nests dotting the river corridor and Mt. McKinley framed upstream on much of your voyage? Osprey and a myriad of other birds live along the river so you should bring your camera for them too…

Actually, that’s Mt. Foraker in this photo but Denali (as we Alaskans call what everyone else calls Mt. McKinley) is just out of frame to the right.

Crystal clear water, all 5 of the pacific salmon, second largest king salmon in the state (behind the Kenai), lots of big trout (20″ plus), grayling, dolly varden and a few lake trout at the top. This makes a float on Lake Creek one of the finest wilderness experiences in Alaska – certainly it’s one of my favorites.

For fly fishing, it is always…

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