Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service Fishing Report Week Ending 7/7/13

The first week of the second run of king salmon is officially in the books.   It was good to be fishing the Kenai again but the word that probably best described the action was slow.   But who says we didn’t have some fun?    Dan and Mary Meyer brought their grandson Jacob to fish with me.   Although this wasn’t the largest king in the river, it was the biggest fish Jacob has ever caught.   It feels pretty good to know that while in Alaska this was second best thing he did.   Jacob said catching a Kenai king ranks right behind panning for gold.

A king wasn’t the only fish Jacob landed.  He also caught this red salmon.   For all of you red anglers out there the run is just beginning.  There are several areas where people are catching a few reds but the action is on the slow side.   The next week should see the first real push of reds

I had a great afternoon fishing with Mark and his family.   Mark didn’t have his line in for more than five minutes when this king attacked his kwikfish.   As you can see in the photo his son Luke was upset that he didn’t catch the first fish.  A couple of candy bars later and he snapped out of it.

I ended the week spending a fantastic day on the water with guys that usually show up during the pink/silver salmon season.   Chuck, Jerry, Rick, Mark, and Alex (Mark and Alex are new to Alaska) were on their way to Kodiak and decided they wanted to give the Kenai a try.   Did I mention that the fishing was slow?    It took Chuck four cigars before he landed this fish.   We had a couple of other opportunities that day but I guess the fishing gods thought camaraderie was more important than landing fish.   As much as I like Chuck, I was really hoping that Jerry would have caught one.   Why you ask?   Well, let’s just say Jerry is in the middle of a long dry spell.  Last year he was on the Kenai for three days fishing for silvers and never caught one.   I’m hoping he hasn’t given up on the Kenai entirely and will come back in 2014.

This next week of fishing will be interesting.   The fish landed in our boat and for most others were on the petite side which is usually an indicator of fish “between the runs”.    I anticipate larger fish should be in the mix but only time will tell….

See you next week.


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