Get Hooked to Alaska’s Angling Addiction

Lately we’ve been experiencing an unruly amount of sunshine, clear weather, and temperatures ranging in the mid 50’s to low 60’s. For us, everyday of living life on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground has felt like utter paradise as of late.

Photo Credit: Jeff Nelson

Photo Credit: Jeff Nelson

And if you though that was the hook, line, and sinker… think again! It gets better. Yes, BETTER! In addition to nearly picture-perfect Fall weather, the fishing has been simply “off the charts!”


That’s right; OFF THE CHARTS! What does that mean exactly? It means… incredible, beautiful, plentiful, colorful, and full of action-packed catching & releasing guided by true stewards of our amazing resources on the Kenai River; Alaska’s Angling Addition.


To backtrack for a moment, we must clear the air about something. If we are to be completely honest, we happen to feel like Alaska’s Playground is paradise 365 days a year regardless of rain, sleet, or snow. We are incredibly partial to our backyard/playground for a zillion and one reasons. Mountains, glaciers, wildlife, hiking, kayaking, biking, flightseeing, FISHING… the obsession runs deep. And even when the weather isn’t near-perfection (like it has been lately), #TheKenai is still the best place in the whole-wide-world to live, work, and play! Again… we may be just a wee-bit partial. But really, can you blame us? 😉

Photo Credit: Banan Tarr Photography

Photo Credit: Banan Tarr Photography

Okay see now we’re getting off track. Back to the plot. Alaska’s Angling Addiction has been captivating us all season long with their incredible fishing journey shared vicariously through the digital world.


With over two decades of combined experience, Alaska’s Angling Addiction makes sure that your Kenai River guided fishing trip is one your will never forget. All of their guides are certified fly casting instructors and excellent teachers.


This dedication to instruction and teaching is what sets them apart from the crowd. As Kenai River fly fishing guides they will not only take you out on the water in search of trophy fish and a great adventure, but also teach you the reasons why they are fishing the way they do each day.


Their goal is to have each guest come away with new methods and knowledge each day that can be applied to angling adventures in other places as well. So whether you are an experienced angler or a newcomer that is comfortable with a fly rod or conventional gear… or a newcomer all together, Alaska’s Angling Addiction works their hearts out every day to show their guests that they are the premier Kenai River Fly Fishing Guide Service.


Often times when we think about fishing on Alaska’s Playground, the experienced guides at Alaska’s Angling Addiction come to mind. Although there are a lot of incredible guide services that we can think of off the top of our heads, something about Alaska’s Angling Addition makes them stand out.


We would be willing to bet that it probably has something to do with their frequently-updated social media pages that are filled with streams of vibrant photographs from freshly-caught action of the days’ proceedings.


Or quite possibly it’s the amazing pictures that flood the photo-scroll on their website. Is it just us, or do these photos like this just make you want to JUMP out of your seat and wet a line? We can literally feel the fun through the photo!


It might be the fact that they have a very “distinct” way of exuding laughter and good times at the snap of a photo… c’mon, you have to admit, this looks like SO MUCH FUN!


Or the fact that they so graciously and so patiently cater to helping men, women, and children of all ages truly learn the art and the many different techniques of fly fishing.


Or, okay… it might have a “thing or two” to do with the fact that they feature an (incredibly cute) Labrador retriever in many of their photographs. Yeah, this happens to melt our hearts quite a bit! Aww, puppy love!


No trip on the water is complete without a loyal companion by your side. We can’t get enough of this yellow lab cuteness. Oh yes, the trout is beautiful as well! 😉


At the end of the day, we would be lying to you if we didn’t admit that a LOT of the reason that we are very drawn to Alaska’s Angling Addiction is because we see MONSTERS come across our Facebook newsfeed (like this one below) that make us nearly GASP to catch a breath of air. We want to be there, with them, catching her rainbow trout! RIGHT. NOW.


There are a whole bucket-full of reasons why we highly recommend a trip on the water with Alaska’s Angling Addiction. But after seeing all of these incredible photos, we are pretty sure that you can see the writing on the wall. Can’t get enough? Check out more stunning photos of their uber-successful adventures, HERE!


It’s a no-brainer! If you’re looking for an amazing time on-the-fly, you would be silly not to look up these incredibly talented, gracious, and humble guides. When it comes to “tying one on” on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground, Alaska’s Angling Addiction truly does raise the bar. Visit them online at or check out their Facebook page HERE!



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