A Miracle Happened with Exit Glacier Guides

Ready for an amazing story filled with a dash of luck and a huge serving of the warmest Alaskan hospitality that you can think of? Check this out: Ryan Fisher with Exit Glacier Guides in Seward, Alaska found a camera on the glacier this year that had popped out of a crevasse after being in the glacier for 4 years!
The camera was trashed but when he took the memory card out and plugged it in, ALL of the pictures were intact!
Ryan and his team went through all of their waivers and found out who the camera belonged to and mailed it back.
Roman Lyskowski had his entire Alaskan vacation on that memory card and thought all his pictures were lost. Turns out they were just traveling downhill in the glacier for a few years.
A great story to be told about a small miracle that happened. But most importantly everyone is just so happy that Roman got his treasured pictures back! Great job Ryan Fisher and the Exit Glacier Guides team!



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