Two Swans a Swimming in Moose Pass, Alaska


Experiencing moments of magic on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground is something that, believe it or not, happens quite often. But when you are living day in & day out on countryside that is filled with glacier-covered mountains,  loads of incredible wildlife, more species of fish than you can count, and some of the best sunsets in the world… this might not come as such a surprise after all. And on that note, please see exhibit (a) shown below. A perfect moment caught on a gorgeous (chilly) spring day in March while driving through Moose Pass, Alaska.

swans perfect

Two swans a swimming on Trail Lakes, which the town of Moose Pass, Alaska is nestled upon. To just pull to the side of the road and experience such a beautiful wildlife viewing right in front of your eyes is absolutely magical. Did you know that swans mate for life? So romantic. 😉 We think that these two have a pretty great life ahead of them swimming happily on Alaska’s Playground.

swan up close 2

Those moments of magic are in fact what The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground has become so famous for delivering time and time again. Moose Pass is a very special place. On the way from Anchorage heading down to Seward, Moose Pass is surrounded by towering mountains and is known for having some of the warmest hospitality that Alaska’s Playground has to offer. From the moment you begin to enter Moose Pass, you can’t help but to be stopped in your tracks by the undying beauty. Warning; it makes it hard to concentrate on the road! Stay. Focused. 😉

coming in!

The community includes numerous bed and breakfast establishments, guide services, flight-seeing, a restaurant and shops.  Moose Pass will help you enjoy a vacation whether you are a sportsman, photographer, explorer, pilot, or hammock-bound book lover!


Moose Pass is an unincorporated community of just over two hundred people on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. Small, yet charming and perfect in so many ways.


This picturesque town 30 miles outside of Seward got its name, in part, in 1903 when a moose got in the way of a mail carrier’s dog team. This is one of the few theories that the locals have on exactly how the name came about.


Even the views from (either side of) the train tracks are breathtaking. The Alaska Railroad never disappoints, no matter where it goes!


Moose Pass is a great home base for visiting Seward…


Or the Russian River fishing area.

Russian River

But before you go anywhere, no trip to Moose Pass is complete without getting some of the BEST fudge in the world. Fittingly named the Moose Drop-In. Sure, we may be a little partial to our local chocolatier, but you have to trust us. This stuff is too good to put into words. And its homemade. Best described as “heaven on earth.” Favorite flavor (of the moment): Habanero Raspberry!


When visiting Moose Pass, you can even sharpen your best cutting tools if you have them handy. One of the locals built a giant waterwheel with a sharpening stone attached to it.


It is called Ed Estes’s wooden water wheel and sharpening stone and it is another little landmark in the quaint town of Moose Pass that holds a ton of history and tells a great story.

sign 2

From incredible vistas to jaw-dropping “once in a lifetime” wildlife viewings, there are countless reasons to put the Kenai Peninsula at the top of your Alaska bucket list.  While you’re visiting, be sure to check out Moose Pass and share some of your fun photos and adventures with us through The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground Facebook page.

sign at wheel


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