April Keen-Eye Candy

sunset at kenai river sanctuary 4.2

It was another fabulous month on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground! From stunning sunsets and sunrises to enchanting river and mountain views – no stone of beauty was left unturned this April 2016 all across the Kenai Peninsula.

Kenai Lake 4.2

Surfcasting from the beach for halibut is excellent this time of year. We were consistently catching fish around 20-30 pounds which are small in size yet perfect for eating.

Surfcasting for Halibut off the Kasilof Beach 4.10

Walking the dogs at 6AM is worth it on the Kenai Peninsula when you have a sunrise like this… WOW!

Sunrise 4.26

Easy like Sunday morning turned into a pretty rugged and adventurous hike into the backcountry off of Tustemena Lake. With turquoise blue views like this, it was easy to keep going and going. Absolutely breathtaking!


The views of the huge snow-capped mountains in the distance was enough to completely knock us off our feet. Well, that and we needed an excuse to sit down and soak it all in (and tear into the picnic basket).


A mid-week sunset at Kenai Beach off of Cannery Beach Road was the perfect way to break up the monotony of the work week and keep us motivated to push through until the weekend rolled around.

Kenai Beach Sunset 4.16

Hidden Lake with the mountains in the distance was gleaming with beauty this April as the trees started to gain back color and the bluebird sky shined in the distance.

Hidden Lake 4.3.16

It never seizes to amaze us how much Alaska shows off before most of the world is even awake. This sunrise painted the sky with vibrant colors before 7am on a Tuesday. The Kenai Peninsula is truly a magical playground.

Sunrise 4.11

Across Skilak Lake in the Northeast corner was this completely secluded fishing spot that produced a handful of beautiful rainbow trout this April. Fly fishing in peace is a breath of fresh air from the summertime combat fishing. But who are we kidding, we love it all!

Fishing the Northeast corner of Skilak Lake 4.3.16

The perfect way to spend a Friday night on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground is by beach bummin’ it and sticking around to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire world.


When you have 60 degree temperatures and not a hint of wind in the air, spending the day slowly drifting the river and wetting some lines is the closest feeling to ‘heaven on earth’ that we can imagine.

Skilak Lake 4.6

The endless beauty at Kenai Lake in Cooper Landing is another fantastic way to spend the day getting lost in translation in the great outdoors on Alaska’s Playground.


Enjoying dinner over campfire at Kasilof Beach is something that feels so amazing, it’s almost like it came straight out of a dream.

Eric fire and sunset

And sticking around to enjoy every last minute of cracking campfire, saltwater breeze and fresh air until the sun goes down and it turns to pitch black outside… ALWAYS totally worth it.


Cheers to an amazing April 2016 filled with stunning beauty, endless outdoor activities, amazing friends and dedicated community members on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground. It’s been a wildly beautiful ride and we are now officially ready to bring on the next month. Be sure to share your May adventure with us on our Facebook page!


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The Best Breakup Of Your Life

Photo shared from cutterlight.com

Photo shared from cutterlight.com

If you are from Alaska, you know exactly what we are talking about. If you aren’t… well, were talking about a little thing that happens right after you contract that horrible illness known as spring fever.

Photo from Flickr/capt_tain Tom

Photo from Flickr/capt_tain Tom

And because it’s contagious, you spread the illness to all of your friends…

Photo from Flickr/JGS Concepts

Photo from Flickr/JGS Concepts

Breakup season is the time when Alaska slowly starts to unthaw from the cold, frozen winter months.
Photo from Brian Moore

Photo from Brian Moore

Parking lots everywhere turn into a slushy mess.
Photo from Flickr/Sandor Weisz

Photo from Flickr/Sandor Weisz

And the side of the road isn’t exactly the prettiest sight to behold. Okay, maybe they are still pretty in a “rugged Alaska life” kind of way.
Photo from Flickr/Dan Logan

Photo from Flickr/Dan Logan

Oh and your vehicle? Don’t even bother with a car wash for the next two months.
If you recently moved to Alaska, you aren’t officially inducted into the “resident” club until you’ve made it through a full winter AND a hard breakup. Don’t worry, the more you go through – the easier it gets.
Your backyard will be filled with even more unexpected visitors than usual (and you love it.)
Photo from The Alaska Life

Photo from The Alaska Life

And as we start to come out of our winter hibernation… so do those other things that hibernate. Surprise!
Photo shared from The Alaska Life

Photo shared from The Alaska Life

Being sure to always be prepared with a “layering system” is crucial during breakup season.
Photo from Flickr/ChrissyJ

Photo from Flickr/ChrissyJ

And you can’t leave home without wearing your fanciest pair of rubber boots.
Photo from vettieg.wordpress.com

Photo from vettieg.wordpress.com

But although breakups are not very fun, waking up early to catch a spring sunrise is always the best medicine.
Photo from Flickr/Young Juan

Photo from Flickr/Young Juan

Or having a little night cap with an Alaskan backdrop? Yeah that’s not to shabby either.
Photo from Flickr/Dan Logan

Photo from Flickr/Dan Logan

Breakups are always hard. But brighter days are to come. Here’s a sneak preview…
Photo from Debbie Tubridy

Photo from Debbie Tubridy

Okay and one more…
Photo from Kalyan Peri

Photo from Kalyan Peri

Are you ready yet? Summer will be here in no time!
Photo from Alaska River's Company

Photo from Alaska River’s Company

Our favorite way to rebound from a hard breakup (season) is by dreaming of warm summer days and midnight sun. One thing is for sure, no matter what season it is… it sure is a beautiful life on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground! Do you have any telltale ways of rebounding from a breakup in Alaska? Share with us below!
Photo from Cecil Sanders Photography

Photo from Cecil Sanders Photography

Springtime KEEN-EYE Candy

Lowell Point Beach in Seward, Alaska. Photo from Kristie Stockton.

Lowell Point Beach in Seward, Alaska. Photo from Kristie Stockton.

March Madness on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground means something a whole lot more beautiful than what you’d find on the basketball court. As winter faded away and officially turned to spring and we moved our clocks forward an hour, we made sure to capture the magical moments that happened in our very own backyard.

Photo from Alyeska Resort.

Photo from Alyeska Resort.

Feast your eyes on some gorgeous eye candy that was captured throughout the month of March that will have you falling in love with the Kenai Peninsula all over again.

Photo from Elsie I-Hsin Lin at Exit Glacier in Seward, Alaska. ‎

Photo from Elsie I-Hsin Lin at Exit Glacier in Seward, Alaska. ‎

We’ll kick things off with this beautiful sunrise in Soldotna, Alaska with  Mt. Redoubt glowing in the distance.

Sunrise 3.3 Soldotna, AK

No day in Alaska (where the state sport is dog mushing) is complete without a snowy dog walk in the woods. Although, this guy might be a little too small to compete with the real mushing dogs. 😉

Loomie in snow 3.8.16

Skilak Lake in Cooper Landing, Alaska is beautiful this time of year. And due to some pretty comfortable temperatures, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the lake has already broken up completely. Great for anyone wanting to get out for a day on the water enjoying some Rainbow Trout fishing.

Skilak Lake Alaska 3.5.16Cunningham Park in Kenai, Alaska is a beautiful place to take a walk and soak in the warm sunshine and beautiful blue skies.

cunningham park soldotna

As we headed out for a day of exploring on the Kenai River, we couldn’t help but to stop and take a photo of the stunning spring view from Bings Landing in Sterling, Alaska. Check out those beautiful mountain beaks in the distance! Such a gorgeous contrast against the strikingly beautiful blue water of the Kenai River.

Bings Landing Doc

A hike in the woods that leads to a lush overlook of thick forest and Tustemena Lake in the distance… always a win!

tustemena overlook

A sunset is no ordinary sunset when you take it in from Captain Cook State Recreation Area in Nikiski, Alaska. It’s like a whole bag of skittles in the sky! 😉

Captain Cook State Park

Sometimes “easy like Sunday morning” means taking a peaceful walk into the woods with a warm cup of coffee. Always a joyous journey on a beautiful spring day.

Sun beaming through treeline

Taking in an icy sunrise with a beautiful horse pasture in the distance is quite simply, what dreams are made of.

Sunrise over corrals 3.9.16

Because winter wonderland just feels like home (said every Alaskan, ever). ❤

Winterwonderland 3.9.16Swiftwater Park in Soldotna, Alaska offers breathtaking views all year long. Bonus fact: in the winter, you can usually have the whole place to yourself. EPIC.

swiftwater park

When the drive to work makes you pull over and have a photo-shoot, you know you live in the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. But um, we aren’t biased at all. 😉

Sunrise 3.8.16And when a sunset gives you goose-bumps and makes your heart dance with so much pure joy, you also know that you live in THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. Like this one taken at the beginning of the month on Kasilof Beach.

Kasliof Beach Sunset 3.6.16

A day spent taking in the mountain views from the beach in Ninilchik, Alaska is always a good day. Especially when the sun is shining bright!

In addition to the beautiful beach, endless ocean and epic mountain peaks, the up close and personal Bald Eagle viewing is also a sight to behold when visiting Ninilchik.

bald eagle with mountains ninilchik ocean

And here’s the shot a little closer up. This Bald Eagle sure is a beauty! And by the looks of where it’s sitting, it looks like quite the dare devil. 😉 Or maybe just a smart fisherman!

eagle up close

The Kasilof River is such a special place to visit. During the wintertime when the snow still lines the banks, it’s like viewing something right out of a postcard. Simply incredible.


And move down a few miles to the mouth of the Kasilof River draining into the Pacific Ocean, this is a spectacular place to enjoy some soft sand and take in (yet another) epic sunset on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground.

Kasilof Beach Sunset 3.13

Watching both the mountains and the sun reflect onto the beautiful water via drift boat in the middle of Skilak Lake is always an enthralling experience.

sun reflecting off skilak lake 3.13

And it’s only fitting that after spending over 12 hours on the glistening Skilak Lake that we stay long enough to catch a sunset, Alaska’s Playground style.

skilak lake sunset 3.13

The launch to Tustemena Lake (or to float the Kasilof River) is a fabulous place to listen to wolves howl and to watch moose roam. It’s also a great place to have a campfire, go for a hike and enjoy being away from the crowds.

Secluded Spring Day at the Kasilof River - Tustemena Lake LaunchA sunset down Cannery Beach Road in Kenai is quite simply – what dreams are made of. ❤

Sunset down Cannery Beach Road overlooking Cook Inlet

Fishing the Kenai River near the Russian River confluence is way more fun without the crowds and with beautiful snow-capped mountains.

eric cooper landingThe Kenai River in Cooper Landing is STUNNING.

russian river confluence

There is no place like Homer. These views could suck you in for days.

stunning homer overlook 3.18

It was a magical night with calm, cool weather to watch boats in the bay as they got ready for the 2016 Winter King Tournament on 3.19.16.

homer mountains 3.18

And a sunset over Wasabi’s restaurant was sure to leave a lasting mark.

homer sunset from wasabis - 3.18.16

Swanson River Landing was beginning a serious breakup during late March. Soon enough we will be launching our kayaks for an epic float!

Swanson River

Fish Lake is a beautiful place fully submerge yourself in nature and not hear a single sound other than birds chirping and the occasional wolf howling.

Eric and Steve at Fish Lake 2

Remember, you have 365 changes to catch a sunrise and a sunset in each year. Get out there and make every day count. This beautiful sunrise was captured at Arc Lake in Soldotna, Alaska on March 9th.

Arc Lake

And on that note… We wish you love, safety and happiness with each and every day. Fall head over heels in love with The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground and never regret a second of this beautiful life!

Disclosure: With the exception of the first 3 photos featured above, all photos featured in this blog are copyright of Loomis Sage Marketing.

April Fools Day Fun Facts

Photo Credit: Patrick Davis

Photo Credit: Patrick Davis

TGIF! So, if you’re thinking that an “April Fools Day Fact” sounds a bit like an oxymoron, don’t worry – we hear you loud and clear. But hey, we were trying to be catchy and relevant as we ring in the first day of April 2016 on this beautiful Friday morning. So cut us some slack, will ya? 😉

Photo from Donna Shreck

Photo from Donna Shreck

The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground is where anyone goes that wants to see majestic mountains, glorious glaciers and an endless amount of wildlife. In addition to being (hands down) one of the most beautiful places in the entire world, we wanted to share some cool facts with you all to give you a little history about the 25,600 square miles that make up the Kenai Peninsula.

Photo Credit: Daryll Vispo shared from Alaska Magazine

Photo Credit: Daryll Vispo shared from Alaska Magazine

#1 – Of the 25,600 square miles that make up the Kenai Peninsula, only about 15,600 of that is actually land. The rest… you guessed it – splish spash!

Photo shared from The Kenai, Alaska's Playground Facebook page

Photo shared from The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground Facebook page

#2 – The highest point on The Kenai is Truuli Peak. At 6,612 feet above sea level, Truuli is the highest peak in the Kenai Mountain Range, situated to the southeast of the eastern end of Tustumena Lake.

#3 – The WORLD record king salmon was pulled from the Kenai River in 1985 weighing in at 97.25 pounds.

#4 – The estimated size of the Alaska state record halibut was from the Cook Inlet in 1989 weighing in at 466 pounds.

#5 – Oil was first discovered in Alaska in 1957 at the Swanson River.

#6 – The average number of square miles per person on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground is 0.3. Compare that to New York which has 0.003 square miles per person.

Photo from Ray Bulson

Photo from Ray Bulson

#7 – The town of Kenai is the largest city on the peninsula and the sixth largest in the entire State of Alaska.

Photo from Daniel Weber (Flickr)

Photo from Daniel Weber (Flickr)

#8 – Homer is the 14th largest city in the entire State of Alaska.

Photo from Keith Cuddeback (Flickr)

Photo from Keith Cuddeback (Flickr)

#9 – Soldotna is the 15th largest city in the entire State of Alaska.

Photo from Visit Soldotna Facebook page

Photo from Visit Soldotna Facebook page

#10 – The first cannery was built on the Kenai Peninsula in 1882. Talk about the trail blazers!

Photo from Ian Stotesbury

Photo from Ian Stotesbury

Do you have any fun facts about the Kenai Peninsula that you’d like to add to the list? Share in the comments area below!