25 Surefire Ways To Have A Holly, Jolly Christmas On The Kenai

PC: hoomrun.com

PC: hoomrun.com

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground! If the chilly days and heavy snowfall has you itching to get out of the house, don’t fret – we’ve got you covered! This epic list will keep you covered from outdoor adventures, to sweet indulgences, to scrumptious local restaurants, to fun community events and just about everything in between. No you won’t have a single excuse not to have a holly, jolly Christmas on The Kenai!

PC: Sebastian Saarloos

PC: Sebastian Saarloos

1 – Surround yourself with those that you love the most.

PC: Christopher Porter - Flickr

PC: Christopher Porter – Flickr

2 – Give to those in need and make your heart smile a little extra.

PC: Wonderlane - Flickr

PC: Wonderlane – Flickr

3 – Drive through some new neighborhoods and soak in all the sparkling Christmas lights.

PC: Joey Tripp - Flickr

PC: Joey Tripp – Flickr

4 – But first, stop by a local coffee shop for a caffeine and hot chocolate fix. Peppermint mochas anyone?

PC: Veronica's Café - Facebook

PC: Veronica’s Café – Facebook

5 – Grab your special someone and enjoy a walk by the river while soaking in a magical winter, wonderland view.

PC: Visit Soldotna - Facebook

PC: Visit Soldotna – Facebook

6 – Find a sledding hill and let the kiddo’s burn off all that sugar from the candy, cookie and fudge overload.

PC: OakleyOriginals - Flickr

PC: OakleyOriginals – Flickr

7 – Go wildlife viewing and show your visitors just how epic your backyard truly is.

PC: NorthernLights Designs - Facebook

PC: NorthernLights Designs – Facebook

8 – Rent a hotel room for the night and enjoy some quiet time away from all the stresses of everyday life.

PC: Land's End Resort - Facebook

PC: Land’s End Resort – Facebook

9 – Or take a weekend trip to a cozy B&B and enjoy a splendid change of scenery, without having to travel far.

PC: Escape For Two - Facebook

PC: Escape For Two – Facebook

10 – Take a snowy walk on the beach with your four legged companions.

PC: songwoman - Facebook

PC: songwoman – Facebook

11 – Get involved with festive community events and enjoy fun for the whole family.

PC: Soldotna Creek Park - Facebook

PC: Soldotna Creek Park – Facebook

12 – Cheat on your diet before the New Year rolls around! Visit some of The Kenai’s best bakeries and candy shops and indulge a little, won’tcha. Apple fritter anyone? We’ll take two!

PC: The Moose Is Loose - Facebook

PC: The Moose Is Loose – Facebook

13 – Got Christmas shopping to do? Shop local! Visit some of The Kenai’s most creative boutiques, seafood processors, automotive outfits and more. Support local businesses because it just feels good!

PC: KenaiPeninsula.org

PC: KenaiPeninsula.org

14 – Bundle up and enjoy a snowshoeing adventure into the peaceful backcountry.

PC: Outpost USA

PC: Outpost USA

15 – Or fuel your need for speed with a downhill skiing or snowboarding excursion at Alyeska Resort.

PC: Alyeska Resort - Facebook

PC: Alyeska Resort – Facebook

16 – Take a mini road trip and enjoy some of The Kenai’s most charming mountain towns that are straight out of a storybook.

PC: Mapio.net

PC: Mapio.net

17 – Go horseback riding, bring the kids to pet the horses or enjoy a one horse open sleigh ride that’ll transport you straight into winter wonderland.

PC: Alaska C & C Horse Adventures - Facebook

PC: Alaska C & C Horse Adventures – Facebook

18 – Or load up the sled and take the dogs for a long run on the snowy trails.

PC: Marc Lester AP

PC: Marc Lester AP

19 – It’s not Christmas on The Kenai until you’ve sat on Santa’s lap and met some of his elves!

PC: Scene of the Crash - Facebook

PC: Scene of the Crash – Facebook

20 – A white Christmas and a Northern Lights show? We should be so lucky! This is one that is definitely worth losing some sleep over!

21 – Head up to the Caribou Hills and enjoy a snow machining adventure with epic panoramic views.

PC: Swanson Snapshot

PC: Swanson Snapshot

22 – Visit your favorite local restaurants and ask for the ‘seasonal specialty’. Your taste buds just might get a major dose of flavorful nostalgia!

PC: Yelp - Billy A.

PC: Yelp – Billy A.

23 – Unplugging is good for the soul! Rent a public use cabin in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge and enjoy a night in the woods without any distractions. A hot fire and a yummy s’mores tastes better in the wintertime, we promise!

24 – Throw the drift boat in the water and enjoy wetting some frosty lines without all the summertime congestion.

PC: YouTube

PC: YouTube

25 – Or find a local lake, load up with Christmas yummies, pop the ice shanty up and enjoy a day of festive ice fishing.

PC: Alaska's Angling Addiction, Peninsula Clarion

PC: Alaska’s Angling Addiction, Peninsula Clarion

Wishing all of our friends, family and fans of The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground a safe and joyous holiday season!


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