You’ll Never Forget A Stay At The Charming Seward Windsong Lodge


When you pull up to the Seward Windsong Lodge located at 31772 Herman Leirer Road in Seward, Alaska – there is no doubt that you will be blown away after just the first glance. This seasonal lodge is exactly where you need to vacation in 2017, so be sure to add it to your bucket list ASAP.


Not only is the lodge itself stunning beautiful, but every direction you look is filled with charming, picturesque views. And once you step inside, the warm and fuzzies will only magnify.


The first thing you’ll notice is the warm cedar, high ceilings with exposed beams, full logs, floor to ceiling windows and gorgeous native artwork on the walls. The front desk team members will greet you with a warm smile and complete elegance, while your eyes will wander at the massive space surrounding you.


The café and seating area is very large and will easily fit your whole family comfortably. There are also guest computers in the lobby area for you to use if you need to check emails or catch up on a work assignment while you’re on vacation.


Quite possibly the most gorgeous part of the lobby is the impressive rock fireplace. You’ll be tempted to sit town and take a load off before heading to your room, and we say – “go for it!” Soak in all the special moments that Seward Windsong Lodge has to offer.


The super wonderful front desk staff will give you your keys and a detailed map to help you find your room. Notice how even the keys are gorgeous? This place really leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the love little details.


As you will find on the map above, the lodge has several private outbuilding where you will find your clean, cozy and comfortable home-away-from-home.


We especially loved how we could drive right up to our room and be tucked away from any incoming and outgoing traffic.


The flower baskets, towering trees and majestic mountains in the distance were also a stellar dose of eye-candy. The blue-bird skies and fall foliage also made the view especially spectacular.


When we walked into the room we were automatically drawn to the beautiful log bed frames and the really neat Alaskan prints on the walls.


We were also very impressed with the size of the rooms! They were large and contemporary with a warm, lodge feel. It truly was the perfect balance and everything you would ever want in a hospitality suite.


The flat screen television, desk area and mini-fridge made out stay very comfortable as we greatly appreciated having some of our beloved creature comforts.


The bathroom was also very clean and just the right size.

14The smell of the Bath & Body Works coconut lime soap, lotion and shampoo was divine!


The vanity is set outside of the bathroom which was great. It made it easy for a multi-person party to swiftly navigate the logistics of getting ready to go in the morning.


We love seeing local Alaska products in rooms when we travel, and this Heritage Coffee from Alaska’s state capital of Juneau did not disappoint one bit.


In fact, the coffee was a certain kind of special when we enjoyed it from this incredible porch! Oh my gosh – talk about perfection. Right off the room is a little piece of paradise nestled in the woods. In the morning you can drink a cup of coffee and listen to the birds chirping in the distance. PS, check out those cute little trees carved into the porch. Again with all the little details! We were so impressed with every single nook and cranny.


After getting settled in we decided to head over to the Resurrection Roadhouse for dinner. There is a really neat little path that will lead you right from your room to the restaurant. It just takes a couple minutes to get there and the walk through the woods offers a perfectly manicured trail.


You can also drive to the roadhouse if you prefer that option.


After dinner we soaked in a stunning sunset right from the lodge.


The next morning we checked out and headed down the road to visit Exit Glacier in the Kenai Fjords National Park. You can access it via road and the hike up to it is short and sweet.

5After that we grabbed lunch in town and ate at a picnic table with a million dollar view.


In the distance we enjoyed watching boats come in and out of the harbor while soaking up the fresh air.


With so much to see and do in Seward, you MUST add a trip to the Seward Windsong Lodge to your 2017 Alaska bucket list. As you can see from the photos above, it is pretty much guaranteed that you will have the time of your life and be pleasantly surprised from start to finish.

Have fun out there, adventure hounds and travel addicts!

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The Best Breakup Of Your Life

Photo shared from

Photo shared from

If you are from Alaska, you know exactly what we are talking about. If you aren’t… well, were talking about a little thing that happens right after you contract that horrible illness known as spring fever.

Photo from Flickr/capt_tain Tom

Photo from Flickr/capt_tain Tom

And because it’s contagious, you spread the illness to all of your friends…

Photo from Flickr/JGS Concepts

Photo from Flickr/JGS Concepts

Breakup season is the time when Alaska slowly starts to unthaw from the cold, frozen winter months.
Photo from Brian Moore

Photo from Brian Moore

Parking lots everywhere turn into a slushy mess.
Photo from Flickr/Sandor Weisz

Photo from Flickr/Sandor Weisz

And the side of the road isn’t exactly the prettiest sight to behold. Okay, maybe they are still pretty in a “rugged Alaska life” kind of way.
Photo from Flickr/Dan Logan

Photo from Flickr/Dan Logan

Oh and your vehicle? Don’t even bother with a car wash for the next two months.
If you recently moved to Alaska, you aren’t officially inducted into the “resident” club until you’ve made it through a full winter AND a hard breakup. Don’t worry, the more you go through – the easier it gets.
Your backyard will be filled with even more unexpected visitors than usual (and you love it.)
Photo from The Alaska Life

Photo from The Alaska Life

And as we start to come out of our winter hibernation… so do those other things that hibernate. Surprise!
Photo shared from The Alaska Life

Photo shared from The Alaska Life

Being sure to always be prepared with a “layering system” is crucial during breakup season.
Photo from Flickr/ChrissyJ

Photo from Flickr/ChrissyJ

And you can’t leave home without wearing your fanciest pair of rubber boots.
Photo from

Photo from

But although breakups are not very fun, waking up early to catch a spring sunrise is always the best medicine.
Photo from Flickr/Young Juan

Photo from Flickr/Young Juan

Or having a little night cap with an Alaskan backdrop? Yeah that’s not to shabby either.
Photo from Flickr/Dan Logan

Photo from Flickr/Dan Logan

Breakups are always hard. But brighter days are to come. Here’s a sneak preview…
Photo from Debbie Tubridy

Photo from Debbie Tubridy

Okay and one more…
Photo from Kalyan Peri

Photo from Kalyan Peri

Are you ready yet? Summer will be here in no time!
Photo from Alaska River's Company

Photo from Alaska River’s Company

Our favorite way to rebound from a hard breakup (season) is by dreaming of warm summer days and midnight sun. One thing is for sure, no matter what season it is… it sure is a beautiful life on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground! Do you have any telltale ways of rebounding from a breakup in Alaska? Share with us below!
Photo from Cecil Sanders Photography

Photo from Cecil Sanders Photography