Visit The Grandiose Turnagain Pass To Fall In Love With Winter Wonderland On The Kenai

Credit: Skimo Life

Credit: Skimo Life

This designated recreation area in the 6,908,540 acre Chugach National Forest is one of the Kenai Peninsula’s most prized outdoor winter destination spots. The unlimited amount of activities coupled with the towering mountain views is like something straight off the front of a postcard.

Credit: Remarkable Adventures

Credit: Remarkable Adventures

There is no doubt that upon arrival you’ll have to pinch yourself in disbelief of where you actually are.

Credit: Skimo Life

Credit: Skimo Life

It’s truly that incredible. The natural beauty that you’ll find here has a way of shooting right into your soul and making you fall in love with Alaska’s Playground on a whole new, overwhelmingly powerful level.

Credit: Journal

Credit: Journal

The Turngain Pass is located just over an hour south of Anchorage off the Seward Highway, or about that same distance north of Kenai Peninsula towns such as Seward and Soldotna.

Credit: Alaska Dispatch News

Credit: Alaska Dispatch News

On a sunny, clear day the drive to get to Turnagain Pass in the wintertime is like a vacation in itself – absolutely enchanting every step of the way! But it can get very slick due to inclimate weather conditions, so be sure to drive with extreme caution.


Credit: Courtney Stanley

If you are someone who wants needs to fuel your need for speed during the snowy winter months, the Turnagain Pass is exactly where you need to be. Adrenaline junkies will feel right at home in this massive, wildly remote paradise.

Credit: YouTube

Credit: YouTube

To see exactly what we’re talking about, check out the YouTube video below to see just how epic the riding is in this stunningly beautiful territory.

On the other side of the pass where motors aren’t allowed, you can enjoy getting deep into the backcountry via snowshoe, cross country skis or snowboard.



The endless mountain views coupled with the pristine silence that surrounds you is positively breathtaking. We are willing to bet that you will never, ever want to leave. This is real, raw, rugged Alaska at it’s finest – and it’s right here on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground!



For an awesome up close and personal look into the magic that is skiing in Turnagain Pass, check out the awesome YouTube video below and prepare to ‘get a good feeling’ that will leave you itching to get outside and play in the powder!

If you’re lucky and find yourself enjoying Turnagain Pass on a clear winter night, you might even have a shot at seeing the bright lights of the Aurora Borealis dance above you.

Credit: Alaska Dispatch News

Credit: Alaska Dispatch News

To see just how mesmerizing it can be, check out the epic footage below featured on YouTube by Alaska Dispatch News. This will give you the chills, it’s truly that beautiful.

Now that you’ve completely fallen in love (just like we have) with the strikingly appealing Turnagain Pass, let’s all start doing our snow dances and hope that we get a flurry filled winter season.

Credit: The Adventures of Amber

Credit: The Adventures of Amber

If you need any more tips or travel recommendations this winter, never hesitate to reach out to us – we are happy to help you have fun on The Kenai!

April Keen-Eye Candy

sunset at kenai river sanctuary 4.2

It was another fabulous month on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground! From stunning sunsets and sunrises to enchanting river and mountain views – no stone of beauty was left unturned this April 2016 all across the Kenai Peninsula.

Kenai Lake 4.2

Surfcasting from the beach for halibut is excellent this time of year. We were consistently catching fish around 20-30 pounds which are small in size yet perfect for eating.

Surfcasting for Halibut off the Kasilof Beach 4.10

Walking the dogs at 6AM is worth it on the Kenai Peninsula when you have a sunrise like this… WOW!

Sunrise 4.26

Easy like Sunday morning turned into a pretty rugged and adventurous hike into the backcountry off of Tustemena Lake. With turquoise blue views like this, it was easy to keep going and going. Absolutely breathtaking!


The views of the huge snow-capped mountains in the distance was enough to completely knock us off our feet. Well, that and we needed an excuse to sit down and soak it all in (and tear into the picnic basket).


A mid-week sunset at Kenai Beach off of Cannery Beach Road was the perfect way to break up the monotony of the work week and keep us motivated to push through until the weekend rolled around.

Kenai Beach Sunset 4.16

Hidden Lake with the mountains in the distance was gleaming with beauty this April as the trees started to gain back color and the bluebird sky shined in the distance.

Hidden Lake 4.3.16

It never seizes to amaze us how much Alaska shows off before most of the world is even awake. This sunrise painted the sky with vibrant colors before 7am on a Tuesday. The Kenai Peninsula is truly a magical playground.

Sunrise 4.11

Across Skilak Lake in the Northeast corner was this completely secluded fishing spot that produced a handful of beautiful rainbow trout this April. Fly fishing in peace is a breath of fresh air from the summertime combat fishing. But who are we kidding, we love it all!

Fishing the Northeast corner of Skilak Lake 4.3.16

The perfect way to spend a Friday night on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground is by beach bummin’ it and sticking around to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire world.


When you have 60 degree temperatures and not a hint of wind in the air, spending the day slowly drifting the river and wetting some lines is the closest feeling to ‘heaven on earth’ that we can imagine.

Skilak Lake 4.6

The endless beauty at Kenai Lake in Cooper Landing is another fantastic way to spend the day getting lost in translation in the great outdoors on Alaska’s Playground.


Enjoying dinner over campfire at Kasilof Beach is something that feels so amazing, it’s almost like it came straight out of a dream.

Eric fire and sunset

And sticking around to enjoy every last minute of cracking campfire, saltwater breeze and fresh air until the sun goes down and it turns to pitch black outside… ALWAYS totally worth it.


Cheers to an amazing April 2016 filled with stunning beauty, endless outdoor activities, amazing friends and dedicated community members on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground. It’s been a wildly beautiful ride and we are now officially ready to bring on the next month. Be sure to share your May adventure with us on our Facebook page!


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Make Alaska Your Wedding Destination

Girdwood, AK Wedding by Sugar SixIs a wedding in your near future? Why not have your wedding amid the towering mountains, glaciers, or rainforests of Alaska! If exchanging vows on a hot beach is not for you, consider an Alaskan rustic lodge overlooking tremendous mountains, wildlife & scenery!

Tour the Kenai Fjords or Ride horses  through the Chugach National Forest and Kenai Wildlife Refuge! Take a flight over an ice field to see bears fishing in the fast flowing rivers! Your Alaska wedding ceremony can be anywhere!

There are many spectacular locations for a wedding in Alaska to choose from. Anything from a serene chapel on a lake to a glacier arriving by helicopter! What could be more romantic than a wedding in the glittering snow of Alaska?

Frozen plains, wild animals, deep river fjords, snowy wilderness, the last frontier… These are just some of the images conjured up by Alaska, where a wedding can be as romantic and sparkly as you could ever wish for.

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Make your Wedding and Honeymoon an adventure you’ll both remember!!

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