The Kenai’s 3-Day Romantic Road Trip Perfect For A Valentines Day Getaway

PC: Google Maps

PC: Google Maps

Congrats – you’ve officially made it through the first month of 2017! Now it’s time to reward yourself for all that endless hard work by taking an extended weekend escape through some of The Kenai‘s most spectacular towns and small businesses. Just encase you’re stuck working a dreaded five day work week, we kicked off this epic romantic adventure with a relaxing dinner and a million dollar view – just to assure that you completely unwind before diving into all the weekend fun. The entire trip takes six hours and includes three overnight stays at some of the most charming hospitality accommodations on The Kenai. So get ready to eat to your hearts content, sleep peacefully and spend your days playing in the most awe-inspiring paradise in the Last Frontier. Be prepared to make The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground your new favorite vacation destination.

PC: Courtney Stanley

PC: Courtney Stanley

Day One:

Five Star Dinner at Seven Glaciers Restaurant at Alyeska Resort – Girdwood. Watch as skiers and snowboarders fly down the slopes underneath you as you devour gourmet cuisine and casually sip on fine wine. Time it right and you’ll be able to enjoy a sky-high sunset that will electrify your entire world.

PC: Yelp - Mel W.

PC: Yelp – Mel W.

Chase The Northern Lights – Kenai Lake. Head south on the Seward Highway to The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground. Once you arrive in Cooper Landing, you’ll be immediately blown away by the scenic beauty that surrounds you. Take an evening stroll underneath the stars at Kenai Lake and look up – you just might spot the miraculous Aurora Borealis dancing overtop of you.

PC: Michael DeYoung Photography

PC: Michael DeYoung Photography

Hot Tub & Riverfront View at Eagle Landing Resort – Cooper Landing. This charming riverfront spread is surprisingly open all year long, which is such a tremendous treat for visitors to the area. Book a cabin and spend the night soaking in the peace and quiet the surrounds you with the company of your sweetheart by your side.

PC: Facebook - Kelly Snow at Eagle Landing Resort

PC: Facebook – Kelly Snow at Eagle Landing Resort

Day Two:
Scenic Pullout at Russian River Confluence – Cooper Landing. Sleep in or get up early and seize the day. Don’t leave Cooper Landing without stopping at the Russian River Confluence to soak in the magical wintertime views of the Kenai River.

PC: Courtney Stanley

PC: Courtney Stanley

Coffee Date at Veronica’s Café – Kenai. Head to the historic fishing town of Kenai to grab a delicious breakfast pastry and hot cup of coffee to enjoy with your sweetheart. If you’re feeling like getting some fresh air, head down to the beach and take a wintertime stroll while soaking in views of Cook Inlet and Mt. Redoubt in the distance.

PC: Facebook - Veronica's Café by Mike Haggerty

PC: Facebook – Veronica’s Café by Mike Haggerty

Local Lunch at Duck Inn – Soldotna. Grab a burger or a hot sandwich in the casual local hot spot. While you’re at it, enjoy a game or pool while sipping on a draft beer.

PC: Facebook - The Duck Inn, Soldotna

PC: Facebook – The Duck Inn, Soldotna

Sweet Shopping Fun at Alaska Berries – Soldotna. The northernmost winery in North America offers so many delightful things that you’re guaranteed to love. Enjoy shopping for wines, jams, syrups, vinegar’s, vinaigrette’s and much more!

PC: Facebook - Alaska Berries

PC: Facebook – Alaska Berries

Romantic Dinner at Mykel’s Restaurant – Soldotna. This local spot always does Valentine’s Day right. Get ready to dine on incredible food that you’ll be itching to rave about to all of your friends and family. King crab, steak, chicken, salmon, lamb and so much more.

PC: Facebook - Mykel's Restaurant

PC: Facebook – Mykel’s Restaurant

Night Cap at Bridge Lounge – Soldotna. Finish the night off by heading to this wonderful atmosphere where you can enjoy a drink and good conversation with your special someone.

PC: Facebook - Bridge Lounge

PC: Facebook – Bridge Lounge

Cozy Fireside Cabin at Escape For Two – Soldotna. Just a few minutes outside of Soldotna heading towards Kasilof, turn on Tote Road and it’ll lead you to this idyllic little staycation that is the perfect place for you and your honey to enjoy a nice night together.
PC: Facebook - Escape For Two

PC: Facebook – Escape For Two

Or… A Winter Wonderland Riverfront Retreat at Gallery Lodge – Kasilof. Head a little further down the road going south on the Sterling Highway and you’ll stumble upon this magnificent lodging option that will transport you and your sweetheart right into a winter wonderland paradise.
PC: Facebook - Gallery Lodge Kasilof AK

PC: Facebook – Gallery Lodge Kasilof AK

Day Three:
Homestyle Breakfast at Rocky’s Café – Kasilof. You’ll love all the local paintings on the walls and artwork displays in this cozy café. The gift shop is also quite impressive. For breakfast, fill up on all the classic favorites that you’ve loved since childhood.
PC: Courtney Stanley

PC: Courtney Stanley

Peaceful Relaxing Stroll For Two – Clam Gulch Recreational Area. After breakfast, walk it off in Clam Gulch and have a fun morning watching eagles soar in the distance while beach combing.
PC: Courtney Stanley

PC: Courtney Stanley

Mountainside Burger Lunch at Freddie’s Roadhouse – Ninilchik. Head up into the Caribou Hills and enjoy epic mountain views while chowing down on a yummy home-style burger, just how mama used to make it.
PC: Facebook - Freddie's Roadhouse

PC: Facebook – Freddie’s Roadhouse

Wine Tasting at Bear Creek Winery – Homer. It doesn’t get more romantic than tasting award-winning wine in the ‘halibut fishing capital of the world’. You’ll love the genuine service that you’ll find here along with all the wildly unique fruit wines. That Blueberry Zin is calling our names!
PC: Facebook - Bear Creek Winery and Lodging

PC: Facebook – Bear Creek Winery and Lodging

Hot Tub & Million Dollar View at Land’s End Resort – Homer. Charming rooms at the end of the Homer Spit with the most epic panoramic view overlooking the world-renowned Kachemak Bay State Park.
PC: Land's End Resort

PC: Land’s End Resort

Enjoy A Couple’s Massage at Renewal Spa – Homer. Because there is no greater way to end a fun-filled romantic weekend road trip than by soaking in a long sensual massage hand-in-hand with your special someone.
Facebook - Land's End Resort

Facebook – Land’s End Resort

Love the idea of a weekend getaway, but aren’t traveling through these regions on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground? Don’t worry – we’re here to help! Reach out to us and let us know if you need any help planning the perfect Kenai Peninsula road trip adventure.

13 Ridiculously Awesome Reasons To Welcome Fall With Arms Wide Open

Photo Credit: Alyeska Resort

Photo Credit: Alyeska Resort

The best part about summer coming to a close is that we will finally get the peacefulness of The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground back at our fingertips. Although we love the excitement that comes along with people coming to visit us from all around the world all summer long, there is something very soothing about feeling the crisp fall air.

Photo Credit: Will T

Photo Credit: Will T

Plus, with all the misconceptions about there being “nothing to do” in Alaska during the fall and winter months, we are here to prove to everyone that these are actually the best times of year to experience the real, raw last frontier.

Photo Credit: Anurag Singh

Photo Credit: Anurag Singh

This time of year the river banks are less far less crowded, the trails are less traveled and you can actually walk on a popular beach without seeing a single soul in sight. Before we know it the termination dust will be flying, the bears will be moving into hibernation and we will be flocking to the Kenai River to reel in trophy rainbow trout.

Photo Credit: Kalyan Peri

Photo Credit: Kalyan Peri

Best of all, we can experience all of the above in utter peace and quiet. It’s the perfect balance after a hustling and bustling summer season. We’d be lying if we said that we weren’t madly in love with the fact that we get to experience the best of both worlds, right in our backyard!

Photo Credit: Patrick Thun

Photo Credit: Patrick Thun

1 – The fall colors are explosive.

Photo Credit: Sujohn Das, Flickr

Photo Credit: Sujohn Das, Flickr

2 – On a clear night, the northern lights are mesmerizing.

Photo Credit: Ron Niebrugge

Photo Credit: Ron Niebrugge

3 – There is nothing quite like the crisp, sparkling white beauty of the termination dust.

Photo Credit: Dan Logan, Flickr

Photo Credit: Dan Logan, Flickr

4 – Fly fishing for trophy rainbow trout on the Kenai River… can you say ‘hog wild’?

Photo Credit: Fish Em LLC

Photo Credit: Fish Em LLC

5 – Crazy dipnetting beaches are now secluded, peaceful beaches again.

Photo Credit: Courtney Stanley

Photo Credit: Courtney Stanley

6 – No more combat fishing which means no more split shots to the eye.

Photo Credit: Courtney Stanley

Photo Credit: Courtney Stanley

7 – Epic sunsets. You know, since the sun actually sets at a decent hour now.

Photo Credit: Wonderlane, Flickr

Photo Credit: Wonderlane, Flickr

8 – And sunrises. You know, since the sun actually rises at a decent hour now.

Photo Credit: Eric, Flickr

Photo Credit: Eric, Flickr

9 – No more crazy motorhome/tourist/construction traffic.

Photo Credit: Kim F, Flickr

Photo Credit: Kim F, Flickr

10 – Our hiking trails now have far less people and we can actually enjoy the sounds of birds chirping!

Photo Credit: Rob Baird, Flickr

Photo Credit: Rob Baird, Flickr

11 – If you own a business in Alaska, you might actually get to have a day off now!

 Photo Credit: Little Mermaid Homer, Facebook

Photo Credit: Little Mermaid Homer, Facebook

12 – Love dining out? Hooray, your wait in line will now be cut in half!

Photo Credit: Firehouse BBQ-Soldotna, Facebook

Photo Credit: Firehouse BBQ-Soldotna, Facebook

13 – Guess what, the sun will still shine and the snow won’t stick for at least another month – if we are lucky! 😉

Photo Credit: Eric Rolph

Photo Credit: Eric Rolph

What are you most looking forward to with the changing of the seasons? We’d love to hear about how you enjoy your fall and winter months in the Facebook comments below!

Eagle Landing Resort In Cooper Landing Is The Perfect Kenai Riverfront Getaway


Just one look at that peaceful photo above is enough to convince you that no matter where you’re at, you’d probably much rather be enjoying the serene views overlooking the fall colors along the banks of the Kenai River at Eagle Landing Resort in Cooper Landing. Head south from Anchorage to The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground and make your way to this magical spot tucked right off the side of the Sterling Highway.

2As you pull in to the resort you’ll notice a pretty large spread of cabins in every direction that you look. But what makes this resort extra special is that every individual cabin offers a lovely amount of privacy so you’ll always feel like you’re experiencing your own little slice of paradise.


Upon arrival, the first thing we did was check out the cabin. We couldn’t wait to get inside and see if the inside was as charming as the outside.


Not surprisingly at all, the inside was just as warm and cozy as we expected it to be. To the right as we walked in was a single bedroom with a queen bed, warm quilt and local artwork on the wall.


We couldn’t stop ooh’ing and aww’ing over the beautiful logs and excellent craftsmanship as we made our way into the living room and kitchen area.

18The cabin was filled with all the amenities we could ask for and so much more. Inside was a full size refrigerator, microwave, oven, coffee maker (with complimentary coffee) and plenty of dishes to accommodate a large group. Seating in the dining room and kitchen area was enough for nine people!


And that doesn’t even include the porch. Directly off of the dining room was a deck overlooking the beautiful Kenai River. Outside were more chairs and a little table, perfect for enjoying a drink or a meal while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views at the same time.


Beneath the deck towards the beautiful Kenai River is a small fire pit with a picnic table nearby. So if you have an overflow of guests that want a little privacy, there are so many perfect places to get away and enjoy a peaceful moment amongst yourselves.


After checking kitchen and dining area, we noticed that the room had lots of great amenities as well. Two large recliner chairs, a big couch, coffee table and a flat screen television with tons of channels to choose from. Next, we headed upstairs. Again, the craftsmanship on the logs was simply phenomenal. It’s impossibly to deny the rustic beauty.


Upstairs there were four large beds, sleeping a total of 8 people. The accommodations were cozy, yet perfect for a family or a group of people coming to enjoy a world-class fishing trip.


When you look over to a view like this (see below) it’s easy to forget all about the size of the space you’re in and focus solely on the natural beauty surrounding you. The Kenai River with those gorgeous fall colors along the mountainside… perfection!


One of the little things that we loved the most about the cabin were all the fun fishing accents that were perfectly suited for the area. The outdoorsy theme is carried throughout the entire resort and it’s just so cool to see that every single detail is accounted for. No stone was left unturned and it really shows.


After checking out the inside we headed outside to soak in the beautiful grounds. We loved all of the beautiful flowers, perfectly manicured lawn, hammock in the trees and checking out the other units (such as the dreamy cabin with a hot tub overlooking the river).


A beautiful dock with double chairs on the end offered the perfect place to soak in the epic views with the sound of absolutely nothing but birds chirping and fishing jumping in the background. This place is truly picture-perfect!


One of the most attractive features about the location of this wonderful resort is its proximity to world-class fishing on the Russian River and the Kenai River. We spent the entire weekend going down and wetting lines. Other great activities to do in the area include kayaking, hiking and wildlife viewing. There are some really great restaurants in the area as well. We recommend Sackett’s Kenai Grill for lunch or dinner and Gwin’s Lodge breakfast, lunch or dinner.


After a day of fun and sun on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground we returned to the resort to enjoy the best possible things imaginable… a campfire! And bonus; an awesome horseshoe pit! We loved seeing all the stacked firewood and the BBQ stoves nearby that were available for guest use.


Lots of chairs surrounded an Alaskan themed fire pit with cutouts of bears, fish and mountains. Again with the beautiful attention to detail!


We made a hot fire, enjoyed great conversation with friends and even had the pleasure of chatting with the owner, Barbara, before turning in for the night. We work up the next morning feeling like we couldn’t wait to return. We have a feeling that hot tub cabin will be calling our name once the snow starts flying on a chilly winter night.


Eagle Landing Resort is open all year long and it is truly the perfect stay-cation to relax and unwind, no matter what time of year it is. When it comes to decompressing from your busy life, we can’t think of a better place help completely rejuvenate you! For more information, visit them online HERE!

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Fly Fishing Is On Fire At The Russian River In Cooper Landing

Head to Cooper Landing on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground for an epic hike or fly fishing adventure on the Russian River. It’s a beautiful time of year to get out and enjoy your stunningly beautiful backyard!


Or if you just want to enjoy a good hike and views of the river, you can always park at the campground or the confluence (aka the ferry) and enjoy a beautiful stroll riverside.


Another excellent hike in the area is the Russian River Falls trail. The trailhead is located in the campground turnout off the Sterling Hwy in Cooper Landing. This area is known for having lots of bear activity, however – so be careful and always be prepared for an unexpected sighting. The parking fee at the campground is $11 of a 12 hour day and you can fill your vehicle full of as many people as legally possible. So load up your friends/family and make it a point to check out this incredible area.


Fly fishing this time of year is quite the treat. During the weekdays you’ll notice that the crowds have begun to disperse and the area feels like the real, raw Alaska that you’ve surely come to fall in love with. You also might be incredibly surprised to learn that you very well might have the entire river to yourself.


This time of year, the river is filled with brilliantly colored salmon that are starting the spawning process. We even stumbled upon a huge king salmon on a low riverbed that was turned totally white and spawned out. It is a rare occurrence to see those huge fish so far upstream in the Russian River, but it is always cool sighting to behold. We started upstream and walked down over the course of about five hours.  In most areas the water was only a couple feet deep so we were able to walk back and forth from each side and fish both banks thoroughly.


It’s pretty easy to fall in love with the Russian River. Unlike the Kenai, it is very shallow in many areas (especially the upper) and you can actually see into the water all the way to the bottom. The beautiful multi-colored rocks on the riverbed are very slippery, so it’s important to use extreme caution when in the water so that you don’t fall over.


Pretty frequently the bright red salmon would move quickly and splash up out of the water, which can also alarm you and throw you off a bit as you are meandering through the quick currents. We couldn’t stop catching fish! It was epic, to say the least. We hooked several nice little rainbows, but nothing too big in size. They are a blast to catch because they run like the wind and are very feisty.


We also had great success with dolly varden (dollies), grayling and even a couple beautiful silvers. We primarily used beads on a fly or threw a couple fly’s on there solo to switch it up every so often.


Everything was catch and release (this was definitely not a “meat run”), just a fun day with a little finesse and a fly rod.


In true Alaskan fashion, we fished until the very last moment and soaked up every ounce of sunlight. And luckily, we had a phenomenal sunset to close out a picture perfect day of fishing. Talk about one of those moments that make you have to *pinch* yourself because it’s almost unbelievable to live in such a stunningly beautiful place. So grateful to live in (truly) the most beautiful place in the last frontier!


Have you been fishing this summer? Where are your favorite spots to go on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground? We’d love to hear about all your epic adventures! Wishing you tight lines, water babies and adventure hounds!

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May Keen-Eye Candy

Russian River 5.13Well, it’s hard to believe that June is already here! May ended up proving to be one of the most beautiful months that we’ve seen all year. From steady temps in the 70’s, flat water on the salt, stunning vistas high in the mountains, epic sunrises and breathtaking sunsets… it sure was a doozy!

Beluga Point 5.13

When you take the drive from The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground up north towards Anchorage, it’s impossible not to stop at Six Mile Creek to splash your toes in the water, especially on the most perfect sunshiny Alaska day.

Sixmile Creek

Lower Summit Lake is an excellent place to go birding, wildlife viewing or just stop and soak in the incredible photography opportunities.

Lower Summit Lake 5.13

Somewhere deep into the backcountry way above the Kenai River is a mountainous view that is sure to blow you away. If you look close enough, you can even see the Kenai River peeping through at the very bottom of the mountains.

Backcountry Cooper LandingThe boat harbor on the Homer Spit is surely filled with more fish stories than we could even imagine. And it sure is beautiful!

Homer Boat Docks

The view from the deck at the Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge overlooking the Kenai River is absolutely spectacular.

Princess lodge 2

When we visited Jim’s Landing off Skilak Lake loop this May, we noticed that there were some pretty impressive rock stacks all over the shore.


The turquoise blue water at the Russian River ferry is always an enchanting sight to behold during the springtime months.

Russian River Confluence 5.13

On May 3rd you could catch a sunrise around 6:30am and it certainly made getting out of bed a whole heck of a lot easier.

5AM sunrise cinso de mayo

But these days you have to get up around 4am to be fortunate enough to catch the sunrise. But when you do, the stunning beauty makes it so that you don’t regret the lack of sleep one bit!

Run Sunrise 5.26

And sunsets (which are equally as breathtaking) won’t come around until nearly midnight. But when you’re feeling up to it, they sure are worth staying up late for. This one below is overlooking Cook Inlet from a secluded trail in Alaska’s Kenai River City of Soldotna.

Woods Sunset Eric

The lifejackets are out and ready for the season at Bings Landing. Remember, kids don’t float!


This picture has us convinced that Kenai Lake might be a magical place that comes straight out of our dreams. Simply stunning!

Kenai Lake

Halibut Cove was beaming with bright blue skies, tents on the beach and snow-capped mountains this May. This little place is truly so special. If you ever get the chance to visit, DO! You won’t regret one second of it.

Halibut Cove

A little place called Cooper Lake is the perfect spot to go if you want to get away from the crowds but still enjoy epic fly fishing and mountain views.

Cooper Lake

The turquoise water of the Kenai River is the definition of “eye candy” in the springtime. Especially when the leaves are starting to turn colors and develop more life and there is still leftover snow on the mountains from the winter months. These two factors really make that turquoise water POP all that more clearly.

Princess Chute - Cooper Landing

The view from the pullout going into Homer always seems to knock us off of our feet. With the spit in the distance and mountains for days, it’s easy to fall head-over-heels in love.

View over Homer

Going springtime mudding down one of many trails on The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground is the perfect way to dust the cobwebs off the ATVs and prepare for an awesome summer of riding and exploring the great outdoors.

Four Wheeler Sunset 5.14

I think we can all agree on one things… No matter what, there are no bad days when you’re out on the salt!

Fishing Pole

Cheers to another amazing month down, friends! We hope you all enjoyed your month of May as much as we did and we look forward to the most epic month of June in The Kenai, Alaska’s Playground history. 😉 Be safe out there and as always, have FUN!

Bird Point Trailhead

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